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Diplomate Program

There is NO application fee.

Acceptance to the courses taught in Canada by the Osteopathic College of Ontario require the students to be existing certified registrants (members) of a health care profession which is regulated by the Registered Health Care Professionals Act in Canada and preferably those professions whose registrants already participate in manual therapy modalities.

You may join in at any start date you choose. Level 2 or “advanced” Quanta should be preceded with Level 1 or “basic” Quanta – with the exception of Quanta Ligamentous Articular Strain 1 & 2 which may be taken in any order.

From January 1st 2019 forward all student payments to the Osteopathic College of Ontario will be processed exclusively through PayPal.com – cheques, cash, and direct e-transfers will no longer be accepted.

Payment for each Quanta is due by midnight of the Friday two weeks prior to the first day of the Quanta.

The tuition for the Diplomate program is $1599.00 (CAN funds) plus 13% HST per 3-day Quanta.

The fee for each modular week of clinical internship is $800 plus 13% HST.

The exam fee is $33.33 plus 13% HST per exam (15 exams – total $500.00 + HST). The exam package is delivered as a single electronic file. Individual exams for each Quanta should be completed after attending the accompanying class – after all exams are completed the package is returned for grading.

Payments are non-refundable. In the event that a student is unable to attend a Quanta in part or in whole for whatever reason the payment will be applied to the next Quanta they attend. If the student is unable to continue their education they may send a detailed email request to info@o-c-o.ca and fees may be reimbursed at the sole discretion of the OCO.

Payment instructions:

1. Send an email to info@o-c-o.ca in the following format: Subject line contains student name, Quanta name, Quanta date. Body of the email contains “please enroll me in the above noted course. Signed (student name).

2. The College will respond with a detailed invoice which will be sent from PayPal to the email address which the email enrollment request came from.

3. The student answers the PayPal invoice with their preferred method of payment (linked bank account, debit card, credit card).

4. Once the invoice is paid the student receives a detailed receipt from PayPal.

5. If it is the student’s first Quanta the student will receive a welcome letter from the OCO.

6. The student receives a Dropbox file link to the literature for the requested Quanta. The student should download the content to a local hard drive as the links will be periodically purged. Note: all content is in a “read only” password restricted format.